Practice including
*NobelProcera Custom Abutments
-NobelProcera PIB Abutment level Titanium
-NobelProcera PIB Imlpant level Titanium
-NobelProcera PIB Implant level Zirconia
-NobelProcera Titanium Abutment w/screw
-NobelProcera Zirconia Abutment w/screw
Implant Bars
-Hader Bar
-Hybrid Bar
-Milled Bar
-Round Bar
-Wrap around Bar
-Procera AllZirconia copings in sizes 0.4 and  0.7mm
(shaded & standard)
-Procera Alumina Copings in sizes 0.4 and 0.6mm      
(translucent & white)

*SecondNature Zirconia Abutments
Not only can we help you with your
custom abutment, we can also
fabricate  the crown for your patient as
well. Click here to see what we offer in
Crown & Bridge.